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An exceptional siddha, endowed with all the spiritual powers ready to lead and support you.


Kaal Yogi: A Siddha Yogi with Extraordinary Abilities

Kaal Yogi, a powerful Siddha Yogi in India, has been trained in the Himalayas under various yogis since childhood. He possesses all eight Ashta Siddhis as mentioned in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, including the ability to peer into the Akashic records. Kaal Yogi offers Akashic record readings and Vedic remedies to help individuals improve their lives.

Background and Mission

Kaal Yogi, now in his 60s, has chosen not to have children to spare them from the negative energies he deals with daily. Supported by five families, he doesn't need money for personal use. His mission is to assist people with their karmas and spiritual and material progress. Kaal Yogi provides deeper-level diagnoses and permanent solutions to life's problems, addressing their subtle causes.

Access to Rare Abilities

Among spiritually adept inner circles, Kaal Yogi is considered one of only two yogis born in the last century possessing all eight siddhis. While the other yogi resides in the Himalayas and is currently inaccessible, Kaal Yogi is accessible for those seeking help.

Guru-Disciple Relationship

Kaal Yogi is not interested in initiating disciples into a Guru-Disciple relationship. After receiving a reading, it's not necessary to consider him as your Guru. However, absolute faith in his readings and solutions is recommended. He provides mantra initiations if ordained by divine will during meditative sessions.

Anonymity and Divine Calling

Kaal Yogi prefers to remain anonymous and silently serve those souls karmically meant to be helped by him. He awaits 6000 such souls, some of whom have already received solutions to their life's major problems and continue to be guided and helped as needed.


The selected channel of communication for Kaal Yogi

Devi Kalikanath: A Spiritual Medium and Healer Guided by Kaal Yogi

Devi Kalikanath has dedicated twelve years of her life to intensive meditation and rituals under the guidance of Kaal Yogi. This rigorous preparation has made her a suitable medium for Kaal Yogi, allowing her to channel messages and healing energies on his behalf.

Services Offered by Devi Kalikanath

  1. Channeling Messages: Devi Kalikanath serves as a conduit for Kaal Yogi, transmitting his guidance and wisdom to those working with him to address life's challenges. Her ability to convey Kaal Yogi's messages provides seekers with valuable insights and solutions.

  2. Healing Energies: Devi Kalikanath has the capacity to transmit the healing energies of Kaal Yogi to individuals in need. These energies are believed to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, offering relief and support to those who seek healing.

  3. Personal and Online Audience: Devi Kalikanath travels extensively around the world, making herself available for personal or online audiences. This accessibility allows individuals from various locations to connect with her for the betterment of their spiritual progress and overall well-being.

A Catalyst for Spiritual Progress

Devi Kalikanath's role as a channel for Kaal Yogi's teachings and healing energies makes her a valuable resource for those on a spiritual journey. Her dedication to facilitating spiritual progress and well-being underscores her commitment to humanity's betterment.

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