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  • Where does Kaal Yogi reside?
    Kaal Yogi resides in North India. However, it's important to note that in his astral form, he can be present in multiple locations simultaneously. This phenomenon has been witnessed by individuals who have experienced problem resolution through his spiritual assistance.
  • Can I Meet Kaal Yogi in Person?
    Meeting Kaal Yogi in person is possible, but it's a decision guided by his divine wisdom. Kaal Yogi will determine when it's the right time for you to meet him in person. It's essential to understand that Kaal Yogi deals with powerful spiritual forces, and meeting him prematurely can be risky if you carry negative energies. Such encounters could potentially harm you and disrupt the positive effects of ongoing rituals for your healing and well-being. It's advisable to be patient and have faith, as you may feel his presence in various ways as you progress on your spiritual journey.
  • Why are there no pictures of Kaal Yogi available?
    Kaal Yogi intentionally avoids sharing a picture of himself because he wishes to prevent people from becoming attached to his physical appearance. His spiritual work focuses on assisting individuals in overcoming life's challenges and progressing in their spiritual evolution, which he believes is the true path to growth. Kaal Yogi does not aspire to be anyone's Guru or Master and does not accept disciples. His primary goal is to selflessly serve others as directed by divine will, without seeking worship or monuments in his name. Kaal Yogi is a rare, authentic yogi dedicated to the practice of pure spirituality.
  • Does Kaal Yogi offer any spiritual accessories?
    Absolutely, Kaal Yogi provides a range of energized spiritual accessories designed to support your spiritual and material well-being. These include carefully selected and energized gemstone rings that can aid your progress on both spiritual and material fronts. Additionally, Kaal Yogi offers energized malas, Rudraksha beads, amulets, and threads meant to be worn around the neck, wrist, arm, and other areas. These accessories are prepared following the principles of metaphysics as outlined in Vedic scriptures and guided by divine wisdom.
  • Can I receive a personal mantra from Kaal Yogi?
    Certainly, you can receive a personal mantra from Kaal Yogi, but there is a specific process to follow: First, you need to undergo a reading session with Kaal Yogi. During this session, Kaal Yogi will meditate on the infinite cosmic consciousness (God) to identify the most suitable and beneficial mantra for you in your current lifetime. After determining your mantra, Kaal Yogi will perform a specific mantra initiation ritual on your behalf. Kaal Yogi will also take on the responsibility of monitoring and guiding you in his astral form as you practice the mantra. It's essential to strictly follow the instructions provided for the mantra practice. Additionally, you are encouraged to provide quarterly feedback on your mantra practice. To access your personal mantra and detailed instructions, you can book the "Personal Mantra Initiation" service under the Services menu.
  • What is an Akashic Record reading?
    An Akashic Record reading is a metaphysical or spiritual practice where a spiritually advanced being like a Siddha(Perfected being) or Rishi(Seer), accesses the Akashic Records to gather information and insights about an individual's past, present, and potential future. The Akashic Records are a kind of cosmic database that stores the energetic imprints of all events, thoughts, emotions, and experiences throughout time. It contains the collective knowledge and history of every soul. During an Akashic Record reading, the Siddha enters a meditative state to connect with the Akashic Records and retrieve specific information for the person seeking the reading. The individual's full name at birth and other personal information may be asked prior to help the Siddha focus on their energy to access relevant information. The insights gained from an Akashic Record reading can vary widely and may include information about past lives, unresolved issues, life purpose, relationships, and personal growth. It is considered a tool for gaining self-awareness and spiritual guidance.
  • Why is an Akashic Record reading important?
    An Akashic Record reading is considered important for several reasons: Self-Exploration: Akashic Record readings can provide individuals with insights into their past experiences, including past lives, to help them better understand their current life circumstances and challenges. It allows for deep self-exploration and self-discovery. Personal Growth: Many people seek Akashic Record readings as a means of personal growth and self-improvement. The insights gained can help individuals identify patterns, make better life choices, and work through past traumas or unresolved issues. Life Purpose: Akashic Record readings often focus on an individual's life purpose and the lessons they are meant to learn in this lifetime. This guidance can be valuable for those seeking a sense of direction and fulfillment. Relationship Insights: The records can provide information about relationships, including soul connections and karmic ties, helping individuals navigate their relationships more consciously. Spiritual Guidance: People turn to Akashic Record readings for spiritual guidance and connection to higher wisdom or spiritual entities. Healing and Release: The records may reveal past wounds, negative beliefs, or blockages that can be healed and released through energy work, forgiveness, and personal transformation. Problem Solving: Akashic Records can offer solutions to problems or challenges, providing guidance on how to overcome obstacles in one's life. Releasing Karmic Patterns: By understanding karmic patterns and lessons, individuals can work to release negative karmic cycles and create more positive life experiences. Connection to Universal Wisdom: Many see the Akashic Records as a source of universal wisdom and knowledge, making it a valuable tool for understanding the nature of reality and the cosmos.
  • What sets an Akashic Record reading apart from Naadi leaves, astrological, and psychic readings?
    A psychic reading typically involves an intuitive individual who imparts insights about an individual, drawing mainly from their past and present experiences. Psychic readers often establish a connection with angelic or spiritual entities, serving as intermediaries. However, many psychic readers may not possess the purity required to deliver unfiltered information and might unintentionally filter the messages through their own mental processes. In contrast, astrological readings are conducted by skilled astrologers who delve into an individual's life by analyzing their astrological chart. Ancient astrological texts offer comprehensive guidelines on the principles and practices that make for a proficient astrologer. In the contemporary era, not all astrologers adhere to these traditional rules. Furthermore, astrology has certain limitations: it can predict an individual's past with remarkable accuracy, but predicting the future with absolute certainty remains a challenge. Naadi leaves readings involve the discovery of ancient palm leaf inscriptions authored by revered Rishis (Seers) who possessed knowledge of past, present, and future events. These inscriptions were intended for individuals destined to be born in future eras after the Rishis had transitioned to higher realms. Some present-day families, tracing their lineage to these ancient Rishis, claim to safeguard these Naadi leaves. Proficient interpreters of the Naadi script provide readings to individuals who have corresponding leaves. Similar to astrology, Naadi leaves can accurately foretell an individual's past, but predicting the future with complete precision remains elusive. In contrast, Akashic Record readings are conducted by highly advanced spiritual beings, such as Siddhas (Accomplished Ones), who possess the eight major mystical powers. They access a cosmic database where the past, present, and future of every being are meticulously recorded. These Siddhas can directly access this information, while the other methods mentioned rely on indirect access, often marred by impurities in the channel delivering the information. Akashic Record readings are known for their speed and comprehensive insights, encompassing various aspects of an individual's life. Moreover, they have the exceptional ability to accurately predict an individual's future. Therefore, Akashic Record readings are regarded as the most superior among the four mentioned readings.
  • How does the Akashic reading process work?
    Book your appointment online. Message Devi Kalikanath on WhatsApp to schedule the session and provide your questions. During the session, clarify your questions and update personal information. Devi Kalikanath sends your details and questions to Kaal Yogi. Kaal Yogi meditates to access your Akashic records and provides answers. Devi Kalikanath arranges an appointment to deliver the reading.
  • Can accurately predicting an individual's future help them evade the consequences of their negative karma in their current lifetime?
    No, it cannot. An individual's past-life karmas largely determine the strength and willpower they will have, to face and address their karmic consequences in their present life. For severe karmas, the laws of Karma ensure that individuals won't have enough strength and willpower to escape them. Additionally, the energies of the nine planets, which act as enforcers of the karmic law, often make it impossible to evade one's fate, even if they are aware of it in advance. At most, individuals can mitigate the effects of their karma through extraordinary effort or seek the assistance of an advanced spiritual being who can work within the bounds of karmic laws while aligning with divine will and the harmony of the natural order. Furthermore, as advancements in material science and technology have grown, many people have developed doubts about the accuracy of metaphysical sciences like astrology. Such skepticism and a lack of faith can deter individuals from engaging in serious spiritual practices to overcome their past-life karmas. Even great yogis like Milarepa from Tibet had to endure the effects of past and present karmas while making immense efforts to achieve enlightenment within their lifetime. Similarly even great Avatars like Rama, Krishna, Jesus had to suffer at times the effects of their past lives karmas.
  • In what language is the reading provided?
    The reading is available in English, Swedish, Punjabi, or Hindi.
  • Why doesn't Kaal Yogi perform the readings personally?
    Kaal Yogi primarily speaks rustic mountain Hindi and is deeply involved in resolving clients' issues, requiring his direct attention for successful outcomes.
  • How long does it take to receive the reading after booking?
    The reading may take one to two weeks, depending on Kaal Yogi's availability and prior commitments.
  • How should I address Kaal Yogi and Devi Kalikanath during the sessions?
    Address Kaal Yogi as Kaalyogiji and Devi Kalikanath as Kalikanath (without 'Devi') to show respect.
  • What to expect during your reading?
    Your reading will be tailored to your specific questions and needs. Prepare to delve deep into your soul during the session. Keep a notebook handy to jot down the details for future reference. You're encouraged to ask any questions you have for Devi Kalikanath. Be prepared for surprises, as the reading may reveal information you've never shared with anyone before. Remedies for current or future issues may be provided, and a personal mantra might be suggested during the session. Instructions to access the mantra can be found under the "Services" menu by booking a "Personal Mantra Initiation."
  • How long does each reading session take?
    The duration of a reading session typically lasts approximately 45 minutes. The specific time may vary based on the complexity of your questions and the information revealed during the session.
  • What is expected of me after the reading session is over?
    Following the reading session, clients are expected to: Take the readings seriously. Follow any instructions provided during the session promptly. Initiate any short-term remedies suggested by Kaal Yogi immediately. Begin the process of implementing long-term solutions recommended by Kaal Yogi, which may include acquiring specific rings and performing rituals as instructed. Taking these steps is crucial to effectively address the issues and challenges identified during the reading.
  • Why is a selfie video preferred over a selfie image?
    Selfie videos are preferred over still images because they allow Kaal Yogi to more easily detect possessions, such as spirits or entities, that may change in shape and nature. The dynamic nature of videos provides a clearer perspective, making it more effective for assessment compared to static images.
  • How should a selfie video be taken?
    To capture an effective selfie video, follow these guidelines: Ensure you are alone in the video frame. Use your mobile smartphone camera in portrait mode. Do not wear a hat or glasses that may obscure your face. Ensure your entire face, including your head and ears, is visible in the video up to the neckline. Maintain a slightly wide-eyed expression while looking at the camera. Begin recording and slowly move your face in the following sequence: Look to the left Return to facing the front Look to the right Return to facing the front After completing this sequence, stop the recording. Upload the video on WhatsApp for evaluation. These steps will help capture a clear and comprehensive selfie video for assessment.
  • What are Vedic remedies and rituals? What might it entail and why is it important?
    Vedic remedies and rituals are practices rooted in the Vedic tradition, an ancient system of knowledge originated by sages all over the world. It is believed in ancient times Vedic tradition was practiced all over the world. These remedies and rituals are designed to bring balance, harmony, and well-being to various aspects of life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. They are based on the principles of the Vedas, which are ancient sacred texts based on the science of Metaphysics and considered to be eternal. Vedic remedies and rituals may entail a wide range of practices, including: Mantra Chanting: The repetition of specific Vedic mantras or sacred chants to invoke positive energies and protection. Each mantra has a unique purpose and is chanted for a specific intention. Yagnas and Homas: These are fire rituals performed by trained priests to purify oneself and the environment to seek blessings from divine forces. They involve offerings into a consecrated fire. Pujas: Ceremonial worship of deities(spiritual essences) or specific forms of the divine. Offerings, prayers, and rituals are performed to invoke blessings and seek divine guidance. Gemstone and Yantra Usage: Certain gemstones and sacred geometrical designs (yantras) can have a positive influence on one's life and used as remedies. Fasting: Fasting on specific days or during certain celestial events is considered a purification ritual. It cleanses the body and mind. Donations and Charity: Giving to those in need, such as the poor, is a way to accumulate positive karma and seek blessings. Bathing in Sacred Rivers: Pilgrimages and ritual baths in holy rivers, such as the Ganges, are considered purifying and spiritually uplifting. Pilgrimages to Holy Places: Visiting sacred sites and undertaking pilgrimages to places of spiritual significance is another form of Vedic remedy. These journeys often involve significant physical and mental exertion, intended to purify the soul and seek blessings. Visiting Temples: Regular visits to temples, which are considered abodes of the divine, are integral to Vedic practices. People offer prayers, perform rituals, and seek solace and guidance from the spiritual essences in these sacred spaces. Vedic remedies and rituals are important because they rectify imbalances and negative influences in one's life. They are also a means to seek divine intervention, protection, and guidance. Vedic astrology, in particular, plays a significant role in recommending specific remedies and rituals based on an individual's astrological chart. Naadi readings in the modern times are gaining reputation in specifying rituals and remedies. Akashic record readings is the most reliable and rare since it requires a genuine and capable adept who has accomplished certain yogic practices and rituals to gain access to past, present and future timelines of an individual based on their karmas. These practices are deeply ingrained in spirituality and observed by people seeking solutions to life's challenges, be they related to health, career, relationships, or spiritual growth.
  • Could you please tell me more about Kaal Yogi and Devi Kalikanath?
    Learn about Kaal Yogi and Devi Kalikanath in the About section on our website.
  • Why are there fees for the services?
    Fees are allocated to fulfill the requests of deities or natural forces working on your behalf to resolve your issues. This may involve offerings or rituals. It's akin to compensating a doctor for their expertise and medication to alleviate ailments. The law of karmic exchange governs all transactions in life, even beyond the reach of great Avatars.
  • Who is a Siddha?
    A Siddha, in simple terms, is an individual who has achieved extraordinary spiritual powers and wisdom through deep meditation and ascetic practices. These powers, often considered supernatural, allow them to perform miraculous feats and gain profound insights into the universe. Siddhas are highly revered in various spiritual traditions for their ability to transcend ordinary human limitations.
  • Who is a spiritual channel or medium?
    A spiritual channel is an individual who serves as a conduit or intermediary between the spiritual or divine realms and the physical world. They receive, interpret, and transmit messages, guidance, or energies from higher spiritual beings, such as angels, spirits, or ascended masters, to provide insight, healing, or assistance to others. These channels may use various methods like meditation, trance, or intuitive abilities to facilitate this connection and share spiritual wisdom or support for personal growth and well-being.
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