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5th May '23 Lunar Eclipse

Do's and Don't for this eclipse


Take bath early in the morning and mix little bit of turmeric or Ganga water in your bathwater.

Wear yellow colour clothes.

Donate food like rice, wheat flour, sugar, milk, water after the eclipse time is over.

Do Jaap of minimum 21 mala's of 108 bead's mala.


Don't eat non vegetarian food.

Emotions in general would be high so avoid reactions to arguments, discussions or verbal discord. Effects of eclipse start's a week before the actual date of eclipse and continues a couple of weeks after the eclipse. So stay away from situations wherein you end up getting reactive.

Don't copulate on eclipse day instead be sattvic.

Don't talk until required during the eclipse period.

And lastly any kind of Jaap done on the eclipse day gives 100 fold result to the sadhaka (spiritual practitioner). One Jaap mala of 108 beads done on the eclipse day would give you immense blessings and results. Being a lunar eclipse best mala to be used is crystal mala, pearl mala and rudraksha mala. Following mantra's Jaap can be done;

Om Namo Vasudevaya Namah


Om Som Somaye Namah. Moon (seed) mantra

Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Chandraye Namah

Om Shrim Krim Cham Chandraye Namah

Chanting Chandra (Moon) mantra during lunar eclipse enhances positive results of moon's position in ones horoscope while mitigating the negative results.

🌞🕉️ हर हर महादेव 🕉️🙏🪷

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