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Diwali Annapurna Puja (Ritual)

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The auspicious Diwali season commences on November 10th and extends for five days until November 14th this year. During these five days, you can perform a simple and potent ritual to welcome and invoke the blessings of Goddess Annapurna, the bestower of nourishment.

Begin each of these five days with a refreshing morning shower and don fresh clothes, preferably in shades of red or white.

Prioritize cleaning your home, ensuring it is immaculate by November 10th. Dispose of or donate any unused or lingering items within your household, especially those gathering dust. During these five evenings, maintain utmost cleanliness in your kitchen, particularly after dinner.

If possible, sound a conch shell before commencing the ritual to dispel any lingering negativity.

On the night of November 10th, at the auspicious time specified on this website (please set your location by clicking on the top right corner date text box):

Choose a safe and clean spot, ideally in the north or east side of your kitchen, and place a fresh or new piece of red cloth. On this cloth, arrange a handful of uncooked white rice grains.

Acquire a clay earthen lamp and fill it with ghee, like this one: Prepare a cotton wick and position it in the lamp filled with ghee. Ignite the lamp's wick and offer your prayers to Goddess Shree Annapurna, beseeching for an abundance of food in your home and for the blessings of positivity in your meals. Make sure the mouth of the lamp is pointing towards Northern or Eastern direction.

Repeat this ritual for five consecutive days at same time. Collect the offered rice grains the following day in a container and replace them with fresh rice grains each evening. Place the container in the area of your home where you store food grains. You may choose to cook a portion of these grains for your family or for those in need. Ensure that the container does not remain empty until the next Diwali season, maintaining the flow of abundance and prosperity throughout the year.

The legend of Goddess Annapurna:

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