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Lunar Eclipse October 28

In any region where the eclipse is visible, the sutak (period of heavy energy) begins nine hours before the eclipse's occurrence. During both the sutak period and the eclipse itself, it is advisable to engage in meditation, chanting (jaap), and scriptural readings while listening to spiritual music. It is important to refrain from engaging in sexual activities, consuming alcohol, taking drugs, embarking on long journeys, initiating new projects or ventures, or consuming non-vegetarian food.

Moreover, activities such as cutting nails or hair should be avoided, and the use of scissors or any sharp objects should be refrained from. Mentally chanting mantras related to the Moon using a set of prayer beads (jaap mala) is encouraged. The Panchakshari(5 lettered) mantra of Lord Shiva can be highly beneficial during a lunar eclipse. Rice pudding (kheer) should be prepared before the sutak period begins, kept covered, and later offered as temple prasad (ritual offering) in your home after the eclipse concludes.

To create auspiciousness, consider donating rice, sugar, milk, yogurt, white clothing, or slippers to the less fortunate in the name of your ancestors. It is essential to note that the impact of a lunar eclipse is more significant on the general public, while a solar eclipse tends to affect those in positions of authority, such as government leaders. Both types of eclipses leave a lasting effect that continues for 90 days after their occurrence.

Chanting the following mantras can be particularly beneficial during the sutak and eclipse periods, and using a crystal or pearl mala for jaap can invite immense blessings:

Moon mantra: ॐ सों सोमाय नमः ॐ "OM SOM SOMAYE NAMAHA OM"

Panchakshari mantra of Lord Shiva: ॐ नमः शिवाय् ॐ "OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA OM"

These 2 mantras can be chanted and one can do jaap on crystal or pearl mala during the sutak and eclipse duration for getting immense blessings. 


Devi Kalikanath

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