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Personal Akashic Record Reading 39276INR

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To determine if a personal property is haunted or astrologically unsuitable, kindly share their address and video below.

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Devi Kalikanath, an advanced spiritual medium connected to Kaal Yogi, will facilitate the reading sessions. As Kaal Yogi resides in a remote village and does not directly engage with clients, communication will occur via WhatsApp. Upon booking a reading, you will receive WhatsApp contact details to schedule a reading session with Devi Kalikanath. Kindly reach out to Devi Kalikanath on WhatsApp, confirming your booking and payment to ensure she obtains your WhatsApp details. Next, your questions, photos, and videos will be sent to Kaal Yogi for meditation and accessing your Akashic records. Kaal Yogi will then provide your reading and suggest remedies for the issues you've mentioned. Devi Kalikanath will schedule a session via WhatsApp to discuss your reading. It's crucial to keep a record of all the information provided, whether in digital or physical form, for future reference. You may also receive guidance on a divine mantra for chanting. If you wish to access the mantra and have Kaal Yogi perform a ritual that connects your chanting to the spiritual essence, a separate online payment will be necessary. Following the reading, it is expected that you diligently follow and implement any recommended remedies. Depending on the severity of your issues, additional rituals or accessories like rings or amulets may be advised. There are no extra charges for the reading session itself, but there will be an additional cost if you wish to have Kaal Yogi address questions that were not asked beforehand. We strongly advise taking at least a 10-day interval after your reading session to compile your questions or uncertainties. Following this period, consider scheduling a Healing Q&A session with Kalikanath. This additional session will address your queries, clear doubts, and provide healing. To maximize the benefits, it is advisable to formulate your questions thoughtfully, providing as much specificity as possible. For inquiries related to your spouse, partner, children, or relatives, a separate reading session must be scheduled and paid for. You can refer to our website's FAQ section for a list of sample questions. Selfie video info: Gently rotate your head to the left and then to the right with your eyes open in the video. Providing this optional video will assist Kaalyogi to identify any hidden entities within your aura. Limit length up to 30 seconds. Questions info: Please enter a maximum of 10 questions here. It's essential to number each question and provide as much context and detail as possible. Please be mindful that an extra charge will apply for any additional questions after your initial reading. Therefore, we encourage you to take your time and ensure you include all the questions you wish to ask.

Choose Offline Payment during checkout to save on processing fees and pay only 35649INR.

Thank you. You will receive few email confirmations(one with instructions). Kindly check your spam or social inboxes if you are unable to see them in your primary inbox. To schedule the session kindly message us on WhatsApp at +46 70 410 39 10

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