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Honor Your Departed Ancestors 681102INR

Please complete the form to the best of your knowledge. You can make corrections during the WhatsApp session if necessary. The New Moon of the Ancestors falls on October 14th and also an Annular Solar Eclipse will be observed at some parts of the world on this very auspicious day.

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After completing your booking, you will receive instructions for any offline payment, should you have chosen that option. Additionally, you will be provided with WhatsApp contact details for a voice call with Devi Kalikanath. During this call, you will have the opportunity to update any previously provided information about yourself. In the initial session, Devi Kalikanath may ask specific questions to facilitate Kaal Yogi's performance of the ritual. Please respond to these questions as accurately as possible. Following this, the information and your selfie will be forwarded to Kaal Yogi for meditation, invoking your bodiless ancestors. Kaal Yogi will then conduct the rites following Vedic traditions during the New Moon night of the Pithru Paksha or Shraadh phase of the year. This is a fifteen-day period during which your ancestors arrive at your residence, awaiting offerings. Devi Kalikanath will keep you informed via WhatsApp about the ritual and any instructions from Kaal Yogi regarding the New Moon night. Please ensure your availability during this highly auspicious and significant period of the year. You may be asked to perform specific actions, such as placing a glass of water and some rice or pieces of bread outside your residence on the New Moon night during this period. For the year 2023, this period spans from September 29th to October 14th.

Choose Offline Payment during checkout to save on processing fees and pay only 555003INR.

Thank you. You will receive few email confirmations(one with instructions). Kindly check your spam or social inboxes if you are unable to see them in your primary inbox. To schedule the session kindly message us on WhatsApp at +46 70 410 39 10

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