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Energized Amulets (Akashic record reading not required)

Acquire potent talismans infused with sacred ash energies derived from Lakshmi and Kali rituals personally conducted by Kaal Yogi on certain highly auspicious nights of Diwali, Holi, MahaShivaratri. Kaal Yogi will personally charge the energies inside the amulets to enhance your personal prosperity and provide protection. No prior Akashic record reading is necessary for acquiring these amulets; they are available to anyone seeking to improve their financial situation and ward off negative energies. The personalized charged energies of the amulets will remain active for a year. The amulets will be accompanied by usage instructions, and you have the option to purchase either or both at a discounted rate. The Lakshmi ritual amulet is designed to usher prosperity into your life, while the Kali ritual amulet aims to invoke protection against dark forces and negative energies.

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