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Healing Q&A with Devi Kalikanath 29457INR

This is an one on one online session of 30 minutes over WhatsApp call.

A prior Akashic record reading is not required for this session.

Embark on a healing journey with Devi Kalikanath. Through her channeling of Kaal Yogi's energy, she will facilitate healing by dissolving mental, emotional, and physical obstacles. Following the healing session, you can anticipate an improved sense of well-being and reduced anxiety or distress associated with any ongoing concerns. Within the healing session, you are welcome to pose questions and specify particular issues you'd like Devi Kalikanath to address. If you've received a Personal Akashic Record reading, we recommend taking a minimum 10-day break after your session to gather additional questions or any lingering uncertainties. During this time, make an effort to initiate the short-term and cost-effective remedies recommended by Kaalyogi. After this waiting period, you can then contemplate booking a Healing Q&A session with Kalikanath, where your questions will be addressed, doubts clarified, and you'll receive healing as needed.

Choose Offline Payment during checkout to save on processing fees and pay only 26739INR.

Thank you. You will receive few email confirmations(one with instructions). Kindly check your spam or social inboxes if you are unable to see them in your primary inbox. To schedule the session kindly message us on WhatsApp at +46 70 410 39 10

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