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Personal Mantra Initiation 50319INR

Make sure you have already got an Akashic Record Reading done prior to booking Personal Mantra Initiation.

A personal mantra initiation is a profoundly sacred and exceptional experience. It is a prerequisite to undergo an Akashic record reading before a personal mantra initiation can take place. For fortunate individuals, a personal mantra may spontaneously emerge from the divine during the Akashic reading itself. In such instances, the payment for a ritual connecting you with the spiritual essence behind the mantra must be made through this booking, with access to the mantra granted during the scheduled session. If you have previously received an Akashic record reading and seek a beneficial personal mantra, please book a session and contact Devi Kalikanath via WhatsApp. Devi Kalikanath will engage in a discussion to better understand your purpose and intentions before submitting your request to Kaal Yogi. Kaal Yogi will then enter deep meditation to unveil a beneficial mantra tailored to your needs. Following this, Kaal Yogi will conduct a ritual to establish a profound connection between your chanting and the spiritual essence behind the mantra. This connection symbolizes a karmic exchange between you and the divine. Devi Kalikanath will subsequently disclose the mantra and provide detailed instructions on how to chant it. It is crucial to take the personal mantra seriously and engage in regular chanting as instructed during the sessions. Kaal Yogi will closely monitor your progress and offer astral guidance. Periodically, you are encouraged to share your experiences and seek clarification from Kaal Yogi through Devi Kalikanath. This dialogue is essential to strengthen your faith in the experiences and maintain motivation in your chanting until your goals are achieved. Your chanting can also have a positive impact on your surroundings and loved ones. Please be aware that this initiation does not make you a disciple of Kaal Yogi. Kaal Yogi's mission is not to assume the role of a SatGuru in this lifetime but to remain available to assist and guide souls in their karmic and spiritual journeys. Depending on your dedication to chanting and progress in obtaining the blessings of the spiritual essence, Kaal Yogi may offer guidance on advanced spiritual practices or initiate you into mantras associated with other spiritual essences.

Choose Offline Payment during checkout to save on processing fees and pay only 45666INR.

Thank you. You will receive few email confirmations(one with instructions). Kindly check your spam or social inboxes if you are unable to see them in your primary inbox. To schedule the session kindly message us on WhatsApp at +46 70 410 39 10

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