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Kindly create a Wise account if you don't have already one.

After that login to your Wise account.

Next on the left hand side menu,  click on Recipients.

Click on the Add recipient button to display the following pop up.

Fill in the details from the email confirmation you have received after booking a service.

You can leave the email empty and click on Confirm button.

You should see the following  page showing the added recipient details.

Click the V besides your name on the top right hand corner and click on Settings to display the following page.

Click on Connected accounts.

Click on Connect your bank account and select the country your bank is located.

After that choose the verification method in the following page to enter details of your bank account and complete the setup. 

Once your bank account has been connected and verified you are now ready to send money. 

Click on the Send Money button on the left hand menu side to start sending money.

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